Top Tips to Keep Your House and Balcony Plants Thriving While You’re on Holiday

Planning a holiday can be exciting, but if you’re a plant lover, you might worry about how your green friends will fare in your absence. Fortunately, with a little preparation, you can ensure your plants stay happy and healthy while you are away. Here’s how to prep your house and balcony plants for a holiday:

1. Watering: The Key to Plant Survival

Water Thoroughly Before You Leave
Make sure to water your plants thoroughly the day before your departure. A good soak ensures the soil is saturated, giving your plants a strong start.

Self-Watering Solutions
Consider using self-watering pots or water globes. These devices slowly release water into the soil as it dries out. You can also create a DIY version by filling a wine bottle with water and placing it upside down in the soil.

Capillary Action Method
For a low-tech solution, place a container of water higher than your plant and run a piece of cotton or cloth from the container to the plant’s soil. The water will slowly travel down the cloth to the plant.

2. Soil and Mulch: Lock in the Moisture

Mulch the Soil
Adding a layer of mulch (like wood chips, straw, or pebbles) on top of the soil helps retain moisture. This simple step can significantly reduce water evaporation.

Water-Retaining Crystals
Mix water-retaining crystals into the soil. These crystals absorb water and release it slowly, keeping the soil moist for longer periods.

3. Smart Plant Placement

Avoid Direct Sunlight
Move your plants away from direct sunlight to reduce water loss through evaporation. Place them in an area where they will receive indirect light instead.

Group Plants Together
Group your plants close to each other. This creates a microenvironment with higher humidity, which is beneficial for most plants.

4. Environmental Control

Use a Humidifier
If you have a humidifier, set it up near your plants. This will help maintain humidity levels, especially for plants that thrive in humid conditions.

Shade Cloth or Curtains
Use shade cloth or curtains to control the amount of sunlight your plants receive. This can prevent them from drying out too quickly.

5. Automated Systems: Set and Forget

Automatic Watering Systems
Invest in an automatic drip irrigation system if you frequently travel. These systems can be set to water your plants at regular intervals, ensuring they get the hydration they need.

Timers for Lights and Watering
Set timers for grow lights or irrigation systems. This ensures your plants have a consistent routine even when you’re not around.

6. Plant Sitters: Enlist Some Help

Ask a Friend or Neighbor
Enlist the help of a friend, neighbor, or family member to water your plants while you’re away. Make sure to give them clear instructions on your plants’ needs.

Professional Plant Sitting Services
If you’re away for an extended period, consider hiring a professional plant sitting service. These experts will take care of your plants, ensuring they stay healthy.

7. For Long-Term Absences

Hydrogel Packs
Use hydrogel packs that slowly release water over time. These can be placed in the soil to keep it moist.

Soil Check
Ensure your soil is well-drained to prevent root rot. If the soil retains too much water, your plants might suffer.

Follow these tips and enjoy your holiday without worrying about your house and balcony plants. A little preparation goes a long way in keeping your plants healthy and happy until you return. Safe travels and happy gardening!

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